At Core-CSI we are proud of heritage in the Management Consulting. Incorporating industry best practices, and over twenty (20+) years of result-oriented delivery of the enterprise solutions enables us to build an enterprise ready, scalable, and user-friendly Strategy Management Platform. Our Enterprise Architecture and Management Consulting team are committed to enhancing this platform on continuously basis to meet your industry specific nomenclature. Following are the release notes Core-Strategy major releases:

User Enhancements
  • New User Interface provided for all screens to allow ease in entering/viewing information.
  • Simplify menu structure for ease of working
  • Default Home Page which allows users to get started with the application.
  • Enhanced Strategy Roadmap screen
  • Enhanced Strategy Tree component
Objective and Key Results
  • OKR screens can now track key results as a milestone/task/kpi
  • AI based predictive analytics implemented in OKR charts to allow user to predict the end status based on current progress being made by the user.
  • Allow multiple outcomes to be monitored by users
  • Ability to upload multiple documents to Drivers, Goals, OKR, Strategic Initiatives

User Enhancements
  • Internationalization. Support for multiple languages within the application.
  • Started providing strategy consulting services
Custom Dashboards
  • Ability to create multiple dashboards as per users choice
  • Ability to change layout, and add widgets
  • Multiple widgets added to provide counts, status charts, comparison charts, quick view list, alerts

User Enhancements
  • My Calendar view of all upcoming Key Results/ Milestone/ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • User template library to start the strategic management journey
  • Enhanced Organization Charts
  • Improved Print Capability
  • Improve Filter and sort options for Driver/ Goals/ OKR and Strategic Initiatives
  • Balanced Scorecard scoring enhancements improvements
  • Ability to support multiple customers under one account
  • Out of the box 200+ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Integration and Security Enhancements
  • API Integration to connect to 30+ SaaS applications
  • Restricted use on disposable emails and phone numbers
  • Various bug fixes and user enhancements to the overall flow of the application
  • Enhanced Logging History

  • Enhanced Core-Strategy Dashboard
  • Enhanced Objectives and Key Results
  • Enhanced Balanced Scorecard
  • Updates to Strategic Initiatives
  • Enhanced Graphs, Charts and Trending
  • Updated Icon Library
  • Updated Help and FAQs
  • Enhanced Mobile interface
  • Improved Grouping Capabilities
  • Enhancement to Balanced Scorecard Perspectives
New Features
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategy Map
  • Data Import
  • Drag and Drop Functionality

Initial Beta version launch
  • Core-Strategy Dashboard
  • Organization Definitions
  • Administration Module
  • Strategic Planning - Drivers
  • Strategic Planning – SMART Goals
  • Strategic Planning – Objectives and Initiatives
  • Models - Balanced Scorecard
  • Models - Roadmap
  • Models - PESTLE Analysis
  • Models - Mind-map
  • Setup - Perspective
  • Setup - Strategic Themes
  • Online Help and FAQs
  • Data Export