Our Mission

"Embark on a transformative journey as we revolutionize your enterprise strategy practices. Say goodbye to manual and semi-manual processes, and welcome automated traceability for drivers, goals, objectives, initiatives, and tasks. Immerse your organization in the future with cutting-edge AI/ML-based analytics and reporting. Witness the power of complete digital transformation, where precision meets innovation, and success is not just a goal but a continuous, dynamic reality. Together, let's redefine excellence in strategy execution."

Our Vision

“Revolutionize Enterprise Strategy Management by bridging the digital divide within organizations. Our mission is to seamlessly align enterprise goals with individual initiatives, narrowing the gap and fostering a cohesive digital ecosystem. Together, let's transform challenges into opportunities and propel your organization towards unparalleled success in the digital era.”

About CEO

Pulkit Kapila


Pulkit Kapila, the Founder of Core-Strategy, is a visionary leader driving the company's strategic direction, capabilities, and business development across the Intelligence, Department of Defense, and Federal/Civilian customer space. With a wealth of experience, Pulkit previously served as the Director of Cyber and Intelligence Group at CRGT, excelled as a Project Manager for SETA Contracting at Booz Allen Hamilton, and held the position of Program Manager at Northrop Grumman.

Pulkit's expertise is underpinned by academic achievement, holding an M.S. in Information Systems from George Washington University. Additionally, he has pursued coursework for the Executive MBA from the University of Michigan. His dedication to excellence and proven track record makes Pulkit Kapila a driving force in shaping the success of Core-Strategy and its endeavors in the realm of intelligence and defense.

Our Team

“Al Leong is an award-winning IT and blockchain strategy and marketing executive, CEO, board director and advisor with 31 years experience, including 7 years in the blockchain industry.”

Al Leong


“Vikram comes with more than 25+ years of IT experience, and is a certified Enterprise Architect as well as a specialist in Strategy management. As a core member of core-strategy team, he is involved from ideation to product development and management.”

Vikram Cirigiri

Enterprise Architect,
Product Owner

“Velimir has over a decade of experience in the design industry and specializes in UI and UX design. He is skilled in creating productive, user-friendly interfaces for complex back-end data structures as well as front-end customer-facing interfaces and websites. Velimir combines strategy, creativity, and technology to build unique brand identities and experiences.”

Velimir Lazarevic

Lead Designer

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Become Part of Our Amazing Team

Core-Strategy is seeking seasoned Management Consultants in the areas of Strategy Professionals, experts in Strategy Planning and Execution, Strategic Communication, Business Process Re-engineering Analyst, and Technical Gurus in the following areas: Software Development, Business Intelligence Data analytics and AI/ML.

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