Establish Mission and Vision

Setting an organization's vision, mission and values are the foundation to any organization's strategic planning process.


What the organization hopes to become in the future. A well-constructed vision clearly articulates an organization's aspirations.


The core purpose of an organization or a company. It is a brief, broad statement about an organization's goals and how it intends to meet those goals.


The fundamental principles and beliefs that steer a company's operation. They cultivate the corporate culture, dictate conduct, and set the tone for interpersonal interactions within the business.


As a first step during the systems initiation process, system administrators will need to organize information in a structured manner, which includes the following


Complete all organization related information.

Organization Structure

For effective strategic management process, the organizational structure should mirror the actual organization hierarchy established within the organization.

Role Management

The role-based access feature in Core-Strategy enables the creation of roles independently from user access. This streamlines the establishment of precise control at a granular level, aligned with the users' respective organizational hierarchy.

User Management

Administrators will need to invite stakeholders, leaders and managers to create their account profiles within core-strategy. After entering key details such as name, email ID, and organizational affiliation, users receive email notifications inviting them to join the organization profile.


Administrators will also have an ability to build teams, which are generally temporary or purpose based groups created for ease of management of strategy and communications.


Setup primarily relates to organization defaults establishing defaults for the products


Perspective denotes a set of performance objectives or measures, with organizations commonly opting for the standard four perspectives: financial, customer, internal process, and learning and growth. Customization options allow organizations to include or remove views according to their needs.

Performance Criteria

Performance criteria articulate what is to be measured and the underlying rationale, establishing the parameters of success. The selection process involves identifying dimensions and/or variables relevant to the successful operation of an enterprise.

Strategic Themes

Strategic themes represent the fundamental, top-level business strategies that underpin the organization's business model. These strategic themes are alternatively known as themes or "pillars of excellence.

Key Performance Indicators

In core-strategy, the Key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial in assessing a company's strategic, financial, and operational accomplishments, particularly compared to other businesses within the same sector. The features available within core-strategy are:

  • Core-Strategy provides a default set of more than 200 KPIs for immediate usage.
  • Ability to customize the existing KPIs
  • KPIs are set and monitored in OKRs
  • KPIs are set and monitored in Projects
  • KPI widgets are available as a dashboard component