Core-Strategy offers diverse widgets, dashboards, and data analysis options to assess the status of the organization's strategy.

  • Users have an ability to create multiple custom dashboards, which can be used assess the status of the organization's strategy.
  • Select from multiple pre-defined widgets provided within application. Simplify what you wish to monitor and analyse within the application.
  • AI Enabled predective analytics based charts, which allow user to forecast the future based on current progress being made.


With the Core-Strategy calendar component, you won't overlook updating your tasks on their due dates. This component allows users to monitor updates for all OKRs, milestones, and KPIs.

  • A single view of all the tasks allocated to the user from various frameworks provided within core-strategy.
  • Monitor the schedules of your OKRs, Milestones, Tasks and KPIs.
  • Monitor the schedules of your Projects, Milestones, Tasks, KPIs.
  • Track the expected progress to be made on your tasks on a specific date.
  • Know all the tasks status which have been updated.

Notifications/ Alerts

To streamline and improve the user experience (UX), Core-Strategy automatically generates in-app and email notifications, as well as status updates for Goals, OKRs, Strategic Initiatives, Key Results, Milestones, KPIs, and more.

  • Provides alerts for upcoming task updates
  • Provides alerts for missed/overdue task updates
  • Provides alerts for Off Track tasks, which will allow users an opportunity to do course corrections.


Through our strategic partnership with the leading integration provider, Zapier, you can automate tasks for a seamless user experience with applications such as Atlassian JIRA, SLACK, MS Office, and over 5000 SaaS and API-enabled software. Core-Strategy enables you to centralize data from all your devices, eliminating the necessity for frequent tool-switching and costly data transformation tasks.

Support Multiple
Accounts/ Customers

Tailored for our solution partners, strategy consultants, and internal/external coaches, the platform enables the management and support of multiple clients/accounts.